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Company Profile

Shenzhen Dlican Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a printing equipment enterprise integrating research and development, design, production and sales, mainly engaged in UV flatbed printers, UV coil machines, UV mesh tape machines, printing machines, roll and plate all-in-one machines, cylindrical printers, PCB text printing machines and One Pass printers. At present, the company has a mature and stable technology research and development team, a number of recognized professional engineers and strong sales team. The R & D team has more than 10 years of industry experience, for us to jointly build a full of creativity and enterprising vitality of the enterprise, for its products of high quality, high stability, and a high degree of integration of customer needs to lay a solid foundation. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "creating reputation with good quality and promoting development through continuous improvement", adhering to continuous innovation to meet customer requirements. Carry forward the corporate culture of "unity and harmony, striving to forge ahead and constantly updating ourselves". Achieve the best management, product, technology, marketing, service. Pay attention to talent, brand, image three business development strategy.

Shenzhen Dlican Digital Technology Co., LTD


Company product department independent research and development, is the manufacturing of high-end digital printing equipment and industrial application solutions provider. Products cover advertising, UV board, flexible coil, building ceramics, decorative flooring, process wallpaper, packaging paperboard, textile fabrics and other industries and fields, to achieve industrial production from customized design to the immediate delivery of terminal products. Dingli Digital has rich technology precipitation and accumulation in the field of UV print output, from the early image processing, color management, energy conservation and environmental protection to the application of a very mature system, so that China's printing industry from high pollution, high emission, low added value to green, low carbon, high added value, to achieve industrial upgrading and green transformation development.

Shenzhen Dlican digital headquarters is located in Shenzhen, agents cover the whole country, at home and abroad have a complete after-sales system. The company has more than 140 employees, half of whom are R&D staff. Through the use of international related frontier technology and integration of core parts resources to form a very competitive market pattern.

We will continue to improve the level of service to customers, to provide customers with perfect solutions, free customers from worries, promote the healthy development of the industry. We will continue to be committed to the field of industrial printing research and development and breakthrough, in-depth mining user needs, always keep up with the industry, keep up with the trend of The Times, strengthen the technical level, optimize the cost consumption, and strive to design better quality UV digital printing solutions for customers.