DLI-1612 UV Flatbed printer

More suitable for large material uv color printing

The maximum support of 3M * 2M material, in the background wall, tiles, large advertising posters, etc. need large size direct uv color printing. DLICAN Dli-3020 uv printer adopts all-steel integral base structure, thick suction platform, high-quality printing material for stable printing, and guarantees mechanical stability during long service life.
DLICAN Dli-3020 uv printer can be applied to the background wall as a whole one-form uv color printing, the background wall material does not need to be divided, the large-size decorative material has the overall pattern color printing, and the printing effect is better.

  • Supports direct printing of up to 3M*2m material;
  • Can print 0-10cm height material;
  • Support for greater print height customization;
Dli-1612 UV Printer Specifications
Model type DLI-3020
Max print size 3000*2000MM
Equipment weight 1590KG
Print head Ricoh G5 industrial print head
Print color CMYK+White;Double CMYK;CMYK+lc+lm+ly+lk;
Print height up to 75mm
Media weight up to 100KG
Print precision 720*900DPI/720*1200DPI/720*1800DPI
Lifting function Intelligent Ink Tank Lifting, Electric-Automatic Or Manual Intelligent Induction To Test And Adjust Height
Ink volume Continuous ink supply/Max capacity 3500ml
Print head quantity 2/3/4/5/8
Print speed 8 Print Heads, Up To 75 sqm/h
High speed mode:26 sqm/h (4 Bi-direction)
Standard mode:18 sqm/h (6 PASS Bi-direction)
High precision speed:12 sqm/h (8 PASS Bi-direction)
Power requirements AC220/110±10,50HZ~60HZ,P 4500W
Print interface High speed USB3.0 interface
Driver software Microsoft Windows7 x64
RIP software ColorGATE RIP9/ Photo Print
Operating enviroment Temperature 20°~32°,Humidity 40~70%
Equipment dimension 4794mm*2760mm*1320mm (L/W/H)
Package Dimension 4900mm*2880mm*1420mm (L/W/H)