• How to extend the life of uv printer?

    Recently, Xi Jinping in the "review", a variety of artificial intelligence robot, the development of intelligent Gowild technology companies in the world's first social emotional robot &

    2019/04/23 63

  • What does the printer should pay attention for phone case printing?

    UV printing has the advantage of not having to make a plate.It will be dry as soon as printing. But it still needs to be careful before doing batch processing. Firstly, adjust the printing parameters

    2019/04/23 51

  • Precautions for uv printer use.

    A new two generation upgraded smart health bracelet H2 is launched by Tmall. The initial price of Tmall is only 70 percent off yuan, which only needs 158 yuan. The number of mobile power supply is up

    2019/04/23 62

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