How to extend the life of uv printer?

2019-04-23 08:47:02 87

UV printer installation environment should be dry, and with ground level. The environment should avoid dust, which not only affects the printing effect, but also damages the maintenance of machine parts. Do not place more than 100KG of weight on the platform to avoid pressure deformation.

In order to prolong the use of uv printer, first of all, pay attention to the maintenance. Both ordinary printer and the uv printer during the machine operation unavoidably will appear more or less failure problems. Here are some details that should be paid attention during the use of the machine, so that the machine can avoid failure during operation and extend the life of uv printer.

1. The printer should be placed on the horizontal ground.

Because the uv printer's own unique way of operation, the machine must be placed on the flat ground, ensure the smooth degree of the machine. And if the ground tilt is not smooth, it will affect the print effect, reducing the speed of printing. It is not proper to place a carpet on the floor, it is easy to have dust flying into the machine, affecting the operation of the machine. So when customer buys the machine to go back, you must place the machine on the ground level that is appropriate, to ensure the machine is in good condition.

Keep the printer clean.

Both internal and external of the printer have to be cleaned regularly. Some parts need to be careful when cleaning. Cleaning, regularly helps machines in operation in the process of use, and can extend the use of the printer.

3. Do not weigh heavily

The uv printer itself like other appliance machines, cannot place other objects on the uv printer, protecting the outer shell of the uv printer from other objects. In particular, liquids such as beverages are strictly prohibited from being placed on the shell of the printer, in case the liquid enters the machine and causes serious damage.

4. Turn off the machine before pulling power.

UV printer before not to use or to move, be sure to do permanent power-off work. First turn off the power of the uv  printers, reinstates print head. Daily attention to these small details can effectively prevent the ink volatilization, protect the print head to extend the use of the printer.

When customer buys the machine to go back, you must do these measures, which can guarantee the machine to be able to run smoothly for a long time.