Variable ink drop technique for uv printer print head

2019-04-23 08:41:41 116

The traditional printing and printing equipment use fixed size ink droplets, and there are problems of uneven pattern transition. Dlican uv printer applies Ricoh G5 print head and can adjust the size of ink droplet. It makes the printing color transition zone have a layer sense and even.

Variable drops technology (gray-scale technology) is a technology in the printing industry. It refers to control the ink drop size at will. The application of this technology makes the application of uv flatbed printers more advanced, more broad prospect. Here is a detailed description of the uv flatbed printer manufacturer Dlican.

UV flatbed printers can realize variable drops technology, because of using the piezoelectric print heads. You can choose different combination of drops according to the different printing material. It improves the printing speed while meeting the requirements of the picture color density. It ensures accurate output image distinctly and excessive-evenly. The technology of the variable ink droplet is used because of the problems in the current uv flatbed printer, such as excessive unevenness, and lack of hierarchy.

As we all know, each picture is made of different color combination drops with different sizes. On the premise of no drops size variable technology, printed pattern is theoretically excessive very unevenly. Then use the variable technology of ink droplet, in two different color overregion it can print different size of ink droplets. Such effect looks to have a layer sense, excessively and more evenly.

The variable drops technology of uv flatbed printers overcomes the traditional print without administrative level sense, excessive uneven agonies. It gives uv flatbed printers industry new hope and a broad market prospect.